by chiaroscuro

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all five of these tracks were recorded in my tiny philadelphia studio apartment with a guitar, a bass, and a dinky interface.


released March 11, 2017

katie morris



all rights reserved


chiaroscuro Toms River, New Jersey

experimental music recorded in a beach house garage

all music written, recorded, & produced by katie morris under the name "chiaroscuro"- an effect of contrasted light and shadow in photography created by uneven light. ... more

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Track Name: Empty Apartment
too much love to give
not enough of you to take it
too much love to give
it's not enough

when did you become
a megalomaniac
like everyone else

drop me in a jar
dust me off like I'm
a record on your shelf

it was too cut and dry
i'll ask; you won't reply
empty apartment
please let me in

drive me up the wall
the city rooftops know
they'll plunge me into hell

trudging through the snow; you were
around the corner but
it's not like I could tell

scrape the sky, out of control
it's like I swallowed a mountain whole
double exposure
I'm here nor there
Track Name: Time Spent at Higher Elevation
well i finished the game
but you didn't ask me to play
i'd turn around but we're headed the same way

i fucked up again
it's a little hard to explain
i look back now; i could've sworn you felt the same

and you're running away
but i couldn't ask you to blame
yourself for all the ways i've blown your mind

and you'll come back for more
i won't ask you to stay
but you will, i know you will for your own gain

you are bending all the rules
i know you'd trace a fool to what i'd do

well i'll cut to the chase
i can hardly sit still
i'm stuck inside this box against my will

and i keep drawing these stars
so i can fill up the space
but i can't wait to get the hell out of this place

and i won't ask you for much
but i'll ask you for this
will you come with me and leave the world behind

but it's just for awhile
and there's really no rush
we could leave right now if you wanted; i insist
Track Name: From the Garage
i know you'd run away if i asked you to leave
so i never will; i'll never let you see
the side of me i left unhinged
i'm broken down since you let me in
i talk to myself almost every day
i've bitten my tongue
i don't mean to hate

i'm tired
i'm trapped in this body
don't let me ruin you
i'm sinking
i'm trapped in this moment
don't let me ruin you
Track Name: The Hole In My Head
i'd hate to be the one to tell you you're losing your way
i know it's been months and you haven't decided to stay
i'm thrashing about in my sleep; i'm wasting away
but baby it's fine

you can't hide behind your convictions; they won't set you free
i wish you'd come back; you're everything i want you to be
when you find you're lost and distraught i won't ask you to leave
but baby it's fine

you know i won't have it
i'll drown in your static for life
i know there's a place in your heart
to wreak havoc tonight
the silicone love that we had will never be true
the hole in my head just gets bigger when i confront you

your voice was so lonely and vibrant when you were around
and it's a rare sight to find you with your feet on the ground
you're picking the leaves from my hair and your heartbeat is sound
but baby it's fine

all the time you've convinced me you're here
where the hell are you now
you soul's in the clouds
you're ignoring the noise from the crowd
i need to hear something frank and sincere from your song
been neglecting my soul and abusing my lungs for too long
Track Name: Grinding My Teeth
do you remember the last time
you fell in love
do you remember if it was with me
you can tell me the truth

i wish you didn't worry
are you sleeping enough
i know i'm not there
you know i'm not here
but i wish you didn't worry

do you remember the first time
you saw the stars
i can't remember the last time
i saw the stars
if i'm being honest

i'll trade all my things for a map
while you sleep our hands overlap
the crack in your spine
that showed up when you opened
your heart to the fickle
is one to match mine
but i'll drive until we forget

do you expect me to be alright
after two years
of grinding my teeth
and saying goodnight
i can't just dwell on the last times
we were kicking up dust
or missing a train
ignoring advice

the morning is here and the morning will stay
and i won't have it any other way
until the sun crashes down and the clouds block the stars
and you aren't leaning on my chest any longer

the pressure on my chest is replaced with this pain
and i run from the woods as it starts to rain
but the ranger will stop me anyway
even though i've only knelt down to capture the feeling

i won't ask you for much but i'll ask you for this
i love you enough to remember the kiss
you left on my forehead when i lost someone close
and i wish i could return it to you with that assurance

so i'm sorry for the moon and i'm sorry for the stars
and i'm sorry for the planes and the trains and the cars
that have crossed you or passed you or left you in the dust
but you must know that i never will